Drug Discovery


Drug Discovery

The future of drug discovery will increasingly rely on human tissues and "organoids" formed outside the body that represent critical aspects of human tissue structure and function in vivo. Stem Pharm’s proprietary technologies enable self-assembly of human tissues on a chip for drug discovery applications. Importantly, our technologies offer outstanding reproducibility and data transferability, and fit seamlessly into existing drug discovery workflows.


Vascular Assemblies

Human vascular assemblies can be used to identify inhibitors of angiogenesis, a process that is critical throughout human development and disease.

Neural Assemblies

 Human neural assemblies can be used to model neurological diseases, identify potential drugs to treat these diseases, and understand how environmental toxins influence human brain development.

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Liver Assemblies

Human liver assemblies can be used to test drug candidates for potentially harmful effects such as liver toxicity, leading to identification of better drugs faster.