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Custom Biomaterials

Stem Pharm’s proprietary technologies allow for hundreds of synthetic biomaterials to be rapidly screened in array-based or plate-based formats. This approach can identify simple, synthetic biomaterials that encourage cells to do quite remarkable things. Examples include hydrogels that induce human tissue self-assembly on a chip, and coatings that support serum-free expansion of unique, therapeutic human cells.

Injectable Matrices

Stem Pharm biomaterials can be formulated as injectable matrices for localized cell therapy. Stem Pharm technologies can be used to customize these carriers to enable optimal delivery and function of therapeutic cells.

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Implantable Matrices

Stem Pharm hydrogels can be utilized to generate implantable tissue constructs.  Stem Pharm hydrogels are animal-origin-free, biocompatible and can be engineered to be biodegradable for in vivo regenerative medicine applications.

Coated Microcarriers

Hydrogel-coated microcarriers enable scalable manufacturing of therapeutically relevant cell types in serum-free conditions, on optimized surfaces in bioreactor systems. 

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Medical Device Coatings

Stem Pharm biomaterials can be formed as thin layers on tissue culture surfaces or on implantable medical devices to enable unique cell expansion, differentiation, tissue formation, or tissue regeneration.