The Stem Pharm Platform


How our technology works.

Our technology is based on functionalized multi-arm polyethylene glycol monomers which are cross-linked with bioactive peptides to form hydrogels with variable mechanical properties and incorporation of pendant adhesion peptides to control the behavior of human cells and tissues. One of the defining features of our platform is its adaptability, which allows for fine tuning of biomaterials for specific medical device applications, and a method to rapidly screen for optimal conditions using small amounts of materials. This platform allows customization of critical parameters - such as cell adhesivity, mechanical stiffness, degradability, and biocompatibility for specific, high value applications in discovery and therapy.

Application in drug discovery.

Stem Pharm Discovery products enable better cell-based assays for disease modeling, drug discovery and toxicology applications. Products under development include angiogenesis cell-based assays, neural cell-based assays, and liver cell-based assays.

Application in cell and tissue manufacturing.

Stem Pharm Therapy products enable production of unique cell populations and formation of functional tissues for therapeutic applications. Products under development include thin hydrogel coatings for differentiation and maturation of neural cells, hydrogel-coated microcarriers for scalable expansion of functional mesenchymal stem cells, hydrogel-coated devices for scalable expansion of pluripotent stem cells, and additional cells of clinical importance.

Application in regenerative medicine.

Stem Pharm is using its biomaterials and associated technologies to develop unique medical devices for cell and tissue therapy, particularly addressing the regenerative medicine market. One of the most significant challenges in regenerative medicine is safe and effective delivery of therapeutic cells or tissues. Stem Pharm technologies are well-suited to address this challenge.