About Stem Pharm

Stem Pharm

Stem Pharm was founded in 2015 with the purpose of being a trusted supplier of synthetic biomaterials that are specifically designed to meet customer's requirements as they develop more advanced cellular models for drug discovery and toxicity screening and cellular therapies for regenerative medicine applications. Stem Pharm is located in the Fitchburg Technology Campus, near the University of Wisconsin campus.

Our laboratory location:  5520 Nobel Drive, Suite 100, Madison, WI, 53711

Phone:  608-239-2669

Murphy Laboratory:  Bioinspired Materials Group

Stem Pharm's initial technologies have been invented in the laboratory of Dr. William Murphy at the University of Wisconsin - Madison and are licensed to Stem Pharm through the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation.  The Murphy laboratory builds innovative biomaterials to address significant challenges in biology and medicine. The laboratory brings together chemists, biologists, materials scientists, and engineers to create new materials they refer to as “bioinspired materials”, because they mimic some of the fascinating ways that nature builds materials – from sea shells to human organs.  For more information about the Bioinspired Materials Group, see:


University of Wisconsin - Madison

Stem Pharm has been fortunate to partner and collaborate with many organizations and groups within the University of Wisconsin - Madison including the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation,  Discovery to Product (D2P), the Center for Technology Commercialization, the Advanced Materials Industrial Consortium, the Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic, the Biotechnology Training Program and the Small Business Development Center.